What makes paintings by Marina Marina unique?

It is impossible to find out the fixed date when the first nude paintings were created. I could only imagine the primitive of prehistoric origin trying to make a cave wall brighter by drawing a woman’s body. Thousands of years have passed but a female still inspires various artists of all centuries and ages.

Some people may say – everything was already shown. But I would hardly agree. I personally tend to consider each painting an expression of the personality of an artist. Although the choice of the genre was my very personal affair, I always draw inspiration from my family.

Naked woman is often regarded as someone extravagant or vulgar. My vision is different and in order to share it I have found another approach to canvas. To my mind, a woman is beautiful regardless of whether she is doing something extremely meaningful and special to her or just a daily routine: sleeping, awakening, listening to music via mp3-player or smartphone. My purpose is to stand sentinel over female’s attractiveness, and I tend to hope that people would guess it while getting acquainted with Marina Marina’s artworks.

The effect of my pictures could be reached in few ways. One of them is abundance of different details. It creates the entire atmosphere – you may find yourself being at the same room or even in the same bed. The genre implies intimacy, but it is not something to be ashamed of. Tender color without any limit of its sensuality, the appeal of a girl’s body curve… this is an attempt to reveal natural beauty, which does not depend on century or country. Mp3-player, for instance, shows that these girls are not goddesses – they are real, they live in the same world as we do. So it is up to us to find them out.

Modern art is various – painter may use anything, to draw anything and on anything! Sometimes even one line or a dot means a lot. Nevertheless, when I just established the Marina Marina artworks company, I have already known for certain that the thing I really want to share exists in our world, it is not something made up by my imagination. Moreover, you may call me conservative, but I still think art should bring pleasure and high romantic feelings, encourage us to do our best, inspire! That is why I show such a tender beauty, almost unreal.

I am looking forward to underlining one more thing about Marina Marina’s artworks. They have been award-winning and chosen for world art galleries not only because of their idea. I am talking about technique. Who but a painter could fully understand these sleepless nights within treasure of time of inspiration, difficulties of composition or different details, choice of colors? When you leave your painting for a while and then feel afraid to look at it once again, because you suppose it may be worse that it seemed to be a couple of minutes ago… Being an artist is challenging but rewarding! It is not about fame, though. It is about that endless feeling of satisfaction when your work is ready. You look at it and see something different from what the others do. People see the effect, the result, the sleeping beauty. And you… you remember it being just a white sheet of paper (or anything), you remember touching it for the first time… That means to be an author, and that is a greatest treasure one can ever imagine.

But finally I work for people, because art is what shared. I’ve made a long way from apprentice to a qualified painter with one purpose only – to bring something absolutely new to this world, to make it a bit better. And that’s what each one wants to do, doesn’t he?